Art is the freedom to express his feelings , giving free rein to his imagination, a sort of poetry a poem.

I began watercolor in 2002, and sculpture in 2009, to manage the stress of my job as a nurse anesthesiologist. During the course of my professional life, I observed many different types of bodies; young

or old , beautiful or very ugly ,and enjoyed curves, shapes and


I have always felt an intense pleasure in looking, observing, watching and finally feeling what the light reveals. Watching is an exhilarating experience, which links the pleasure of seeing with the pleasure of painting and sculpting.

Motion is an integral part of my work; it takes full extent of space, as

a living material where each structure imposes  movement. In my creations, I develop spontaneity, energy and femininity.

In paint, I work essentially in watercolor, my inspirations have different

sources, my travels inspire me to paint horizons, trees in motion, streets; I am very attracted by the abstract, the lines of my drawings originate in dance and motion , I like playing with shapes and colors.

In sculpture, I am attracted by fishes, which represent for me the liberty of progressing through water, the movement of a swimming motion and the energy that represents. 

I like sculpting both female and male nudes; to show the sweetness of a mother, the strength of a muscular body, the fragility of a child.

Art is the link between my inner life, my imagination and the outside world where I extend my gaze.

I work constantly with music, often classical.